Fast loans are now a reality on the rise in the Italian credit scene. To increase their appeal to consumers are some features that are extremely welcome especially to the most dynamic people, those who are used to using new technologies and consequently live as a sort of cage the bureaucratic delays that are instead associated with traditional credit.

Usually it is enough to connect with the institutional site of one of the companies specialized in this particular sector and fill in the electronic form which acts as the first contact to start a reduced procedure with a few essential steps. In fact, at that point a company representative will contact the user, who in turn will have to try to convince the other party of his reliability, both in terms of income and in relation to his credit history, from which there must be no episodes such as to have brought his name into a database dedicated to bad payers.

The successful outcome of the negotiation will then be crowned by the granting of the desired sum, which will be credited by check or by a direct transfer to the current account indicated by the applicant. All within one or two working days.

However, it should be remembered that fast loans provide for the granting of fairly limited figures, usually no more than 5 thousand USD, and that interest rates are higher, precisely to repay the concessionaire for the risk he is taking on.

Is it possible to apply for fast loans without income?

Is it possible to apply for fast loans without income?

As we have mentioned, if fast loans quickly exhaust their own procedure, they require the demonstration of an adequate income capacity on the part of those who request the loan, on which the repayment plan must be parameterised. A possibility that is not lacking for those who have a pay slip, does self-employment or is retired, but which can turn out to be a sort of trap for many people, especially in a historical moment that sees a real revolution in the world of work, to following the diffusion of the atypical work and the approval of the Jobs Act, the reform that practically erased the fixed place from the panorama of private work.

This is a problem of no small importance for the many Italian citizens who work without a regular contract, for example carrying out works on commission that are paid by bank transfer on their delivery, or having temporary contracts that can be exhausted within a few months.

The question that these people are asking is therefore the following: is it possible to access fast loans if you do not have a pay slip? The answer is certainly positive, but under certain conditions, or if you are able to demonstrate periodic revenue or to be helped by a third party as a guarantor.
The first case is precisely that of atypical workers, who may be paid at the end of the work requested of them and may therefore have periodic credit transfers. Even the unemployed can enjoy the granting of credit, perhaps highlighting the sums deriving from the rent of a property.

A third possibility is that relating to the presence of a guarantor , or of a person who provides the necessary guarantees by responding with his personal assets. The guarantor must in turn be the recipient of a pay slip or a pension, or have a personal or real estate asset capable of guaranteeing the repayment of the money lent. If the loan applicant suddenly finds it impossible in practice to honor what has been agreed at the contractual level, it will be the guarantor who takes over the payments.

Fast loans without income: some proposals

Fast loans without income: some proposals

As we have seen, therefore, even those who do not have a pay slip or a pension can access the fast loans, provided they can demonstrate the ability to pay the monthly installments for the return of the necessary sum.

Meanwhile, among the companies that grant this type of financing, Younited Credit, a company that began operating in 2008 and that in the lapse of time has been able to establish itself among the emerging players in the Italian credit market, is to be mentioned. To make possible the growth of its influence was in particular the basket of products offered, with innovative solutions, able to combine safety and convenience. A proposal that has shown great appeal to those who have often found themselves in difficulty in establishing profitable relationships with a credit sector sometimes folded inside it and unable to listen to requests from the real economy.